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Pregnant Man Is Profile in Courage

Letter of the Week 

In reaction now to the news about Thomas Beatie, the pregnant man in Bend, I offer some thoughts that have come out of conversations I've had over the last few weeks.

It doesn't matter how you feel about the issues of gender, sexuality and fertility, but I respect the Beaties' courage to stand up and put themselves and their lives in the spotlight. People have wondered why they are doing it. Why? Because! Because nothing will ever change, wrongs will not be righted, until someone has the courage to be out there in the open and help clear the way for others.

Thomas is not the first pregnant man in the US, but he and his family are the first that have been willing to go public. Every movement, every social change has had at its forefront someone that was willing to take a stand. Someone who stood up when they "should" have stayed hidden and shut up. Someone who was willing to face the masses and begin the process of change. This is what the Beaties are doing.

What more can anyone ask than to be loved and wanted? Their child is so obviously wanted and will be so loved. What a lucky child. That's more than a lot of children can say.

So when you hear about the Beatie family, I challenge you to think about the legacy you want to leave for the next generation. I know what I want mine to be: acceptance, peace and a genuine happiness for everyone, no matter their gender, sexuality, race or religion. What legacy do you want to leave?

Chandra van Eijnsbergen
HDC Board Member and compassionate evolving human.

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