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A getaway worth getting away to

Being a rancher has long been a popular dream among those who have grown up watching John Wayne rope a "doggie," herd cattle, or ride off into the sunset. The reality of the work that goes into running a working ranch, however, is often where that dream, well, remains a dream. Long days that start with the sun and back-breaking labor that just never seems to end often dissuades even the most nostalgic of western daydreamers. Thankfully, for "Dude Ranches" like Long Hollow Ranch, the romance of being a rancher can be realized, short-term.

Located about 15 minutes from Sisters off of Holmes Road, Long Hollow Ranch owners and husband and wife, Dick and Shirley Bloomfeldt, have opened their doors to the curious, the romantic, and the outdoor-loving public for almost 16 years. The Bloomfeldts saw the demand from the people, not just in Central Oregon, but from all across the globe, who wanted to experience a ranch-style life, without the ranch-style commitment, and decided to give their guests an experience that could remain in memory for a lifetime.

Ranches such as this started popping up about 100 years ago because, "upper-crust young people , (dudes) came west from big eastern cities to spend the summer experiencing ranch life," explains Shirley Bloomfeldt. The general premise of these getaways was, and still is, to allow those who are in cities, and therefore, removed from country life, an opportunity to be able to participate in some of the lighter and more easily executed chores that come with everyday ranch living. Although the hands-on experience has changed over the years, says Bloomfeldt, and guests are not required to participate in chores, but rather can soak in all the amenities and fresh air that Central Oregon has to offer.

Many of these style destinations have become, well, a destination, therefore no longer needing to maintain a working ranch, but rather opt to expand room availability hosting around 100 guests at a time. Long Hollow prefers to keep its affair to a smaller and more intimate capacity of 18. While still a working ranch, guests are encouraged to learn and observe the hard-working lives of those who make a functioning ranch, while not having to lift a bale of hay or wake up at 4:30 a.m. or both. The Bloomfeldts provide guests with not just a homestyle atmosphere, but also with a home-cooked meal. Plenty of them, actually. She describes being able to have lunch on a scenic porch or even being able to enjoy this mid-day meal out on the range....THE RANGE!

The peace and quiet alone is worth the trip to Long Hollow, and in fact many people do make that trip, sometimes even from a few thousand miles away. They not only have had visitors come from neighboring states, but so far this dude ranch has had a guest log of travelers from almost 60 countries. From all of the different lives and lifestyles that come to Long Hollow Ranch, the Bloomfeldts are proud to say that the most common comment they hear is how remarkably peaceful it is.

If riding horses, eating well, taking in breath-altering scenery, and living out a long-lived fantasy isn't something that seems enjoyable for more than a weekend, there is a briefer bed and breakfast option. Whether staying for a week or going on a spur of the moment overnight, Long Hollow Ranch is a destination to discover beyond Bend.

Long Hollow Ranch

71105 Holmes Road

Sisters, OR 97759



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