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What's Best of Bend? Everything!

Top reasons we love living in Bend

Nestled in the heart of Central Oregon, Bend is a captivating blend of natural beauty and community spirit. With stunning Cascade Mountains, winding rivers and a thriving arts scene, our town offers a life of adventure, culture and belonging. This city's commitment to sustainability and year-round recreation makes Bend an exceptional and wonderful place to live.

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Refined dining and casual food carts

Bend's growing food scene caters to diverse tastes with a broad spectrum, from fine dining to casual food carts. Upscale restaurants feature local ingredients and innovative flavors, perfect for special occasions. Meanwhile, the city's food cart scene offers a laid-back culinary adventure with global street food flavors, appealing to both locals and visitors.

Local beer

It's no secret: Bend is a beer lover's paradise with a vibrant collection of award-winning breweries. Nestled in picturesque surroundings, this "Beer Town, USA" boasts a diverse range of craft breweries, each crafting unique flavors that draw from local ingredients and a passionate brewing community. From traditional classics to innovative blends, Bend's beer scene offers a dynamic and captivating experience that showcases the artistry and craftsmanship of brewing.

Trails, rivers, lakes, outdoor life

This is a haven for outdoor lovers, offering a plethora of trails, rivers, lakes and activities. With an extensive network of trails for hiking and biking, the picturesque Deschutes River for water activities and serene lakes for relaxation, Bend is an adventurer's paradise. From skiing in the Cascades to exploring lush forests, the area's natural beauty invites year-round outdoor exploration for all.

Great, diverse neighborhoods

The neighborhoods in Bend are well-planned and cater to diverse preferences. From the historic downtown and Old Mill District to the artsy west side, each area offers a unique vibe. Downtown bustles with shops and entertainment, Northwest Crossing is modern and community-oriented and the Old Farm District provides a tree-lined nook just a stone's throw from downtown. You'll also find several new neighborhoods providing walkability to an array of amenities on the east side.


In Bend, we like to embrace our reputation as a dog-friendly town. With parks, trails and businesses catering to furry companions, dogs are not just welcome but cherished. From off-leash areas to pet-friendly spots, Bend's inclusive atmosphere makes it a joyful destination for both humans and their canine friends.

Easy to get to and from the airport

Getting from Bend to major airport hubs across the country is hassle-free. With efficient transportation options and a strategic location, residents and visitors can easily access a wide range of destinations, making travel convenient and accessible.

Our community cares and we give back

Possibly the best thing about living in Bend is our community. We thrive because of our close-knit community that values giving back and building connections. Through volunteering, supporting local businesses and fostering relationships, residents create a strong and caring network. This spirit of community engagement is at the core of Bend's vibrant culture, uniting people in their shared commitment to making a positive difference.

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