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Get to Know Something Dirty

The Bend-based four-piece has hit the ground running and is having fun while doing it

Since starting a band around 18 months ago, Something Dirty has been on an awesome streak of song releases. With Gregg Swanson and Jesse Fish on guitar/vocals, Dan Scroggin on drums and Chad Crowell on bass, Something Dirty brings back a taste of '80s and '90s rock that walks a space somewhere between R.E.M and Pearl Jam.

With a sound one doesn't hear around Central Oregon too often, Something Dirty is bringing something new to the scene hereā€”and they're having a blast doing it

Get to Know Something Dirty
Jacob Janeiro
Something Dirty has a special sound not head much in these parts—check them out soon!


"After the show last night we were talking and laughing, saying, 'we were far from perfect tonight but we had fun.' And that's what it's all about," says bassist Chad Crowell. This weekend the band plays at the Crater Lake Spirits tasting room in Tumalo. We caught up with bassist Chad Crowell last week. Read more about Something Dirty below.

Source Weekly: When did you start the band and how did you come together?

Chad Crowell: We were really born out of COVID. We've probably been together for about 18 months. I actually went looking toward the end of lockdown to get out and get creative out of the house. I'd personally been playing bass since I was in my 20s. So I thought it was time to find a band. There happened to be a perfect Craigslist ad at the time, put out by Greg and another guitarist who isn't in the band anymore, and they had been writing music for maybe six months at the time. So I went for a hangout and we had really good synergy personality-wise.

SW: In the band's bio you list inspirations like Pearl Jam, Dinosaur Jr. and the Pixies. What is it about those bands you think you gravitate toward?

CC: It's all music we grew up on. All of the other three guys have played in bands before, and Greg and Jesse played in bands that did original music and really at the time were playing right in line with those bands. It's something we all identify with.

SW: You've put out 12 songs already in the last 11 months, which is really productive. Do you have any favorites so far?

CC: We all definitely circulate around a half-dozen songs. The original favorite for all of us is called "Superman," which was maybe the first song we looked at like, 'that's pretty good!' It's a little monotonous, but in a good way. Hypnotic. It gets you in a groove.

The thing about our songs is that they are all very personal to Greg and Jessie. They've both been through things in their life and the songs represent what they went through. When you listen and feel the music you can see that it's an emotional release for them.

SW: I really like "Folding Chairs At The Salt Palace." It's a pretty epic-sounding instrumental. How did that song come together?

CC: The title of that one is great. I can't remember the entire story but it reminded Greg somehow of being at the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City. That kind of bright riff that starts it out was really the foundation of this song. That's another early one. It didn't come together really until Jesse joined the band. He comes in at a certain point with this driving distorted riff that brings it into a mainstream rock-feel.

SW: With all these songs out do you have any plans for an album?

CC: We are certainly planning on recording over winter. I think we'll stick to something around six songs. We don't want there to be any filler. So that's in the works. As somebody who is new to the band atmosphere itself, and just happened to find what I feel is the right band for me. It's exciting to see that people are enjoying our music. For me it's a long time-realization of a dream come true.

SW: Are you excited to kick off Crater Lake Spirits' summer series next weekend?

CC: Absolutely! We've got four gigs this month, one at Bevel next Wednesday. Then this one at Crater Lake Spirits and one at On Tap. We're really looking forward to this one because it was one of the early ones we booked. It almost validated that we were onto something. For us we're really thankful for this opportunity.

Spirit of Summer Concert Series Something Dirty
Sat., Aug 13, 6-8:30pm
Crater Lake Spirits Distillery Tasting Room
19330 Pinehurst Road, Tumalo

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