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Two Can Dance At That Game: Thirsty Thursday gives your legs the choice of Russian-rock or electro-roll

A few must-see groups playing in the area this week.

Door Number One:

Russian surf-party-pop rock band Igor & The Red Elvises must believe in the power of suggestion. Why else would they pepper performances with lead singer Igor Yuzov declaring that they are every crowd’s favorite “Rokenrol ”band?

In an effort to be unlike anything that exists in music today The Red Elvises wear velour animal print suits. They sing songs with nonsensical lyrics. They basically make love to their instruments as they play. Their formula takes what Elvis did with his hips and lips, blends it with what The Surfaris did with their guitars, and for good measure, douses the whole thing with good ol’ vodka-drinking fun. It’s one part crazy and two parts genius.

With such a unique take on rock-and-roll, it’s no wonder that The Red Elvises have elected to release all their work independently. If a big record label got ahold of them, there’s no telling how they might make this group of misfits change their music. With the do-it-themselves mentality, The Red Elvises have released 11 studio albums and are on tour almost more than they are not. Crowds dance themselves into oblivion at these shows, which are probably best described as sweet pandemonium.

Igor & The Red Elvises
6:30 p.m., Thursday, July 26
Munch and Music, Drake Park

10:30 p.m., Thursday, July 26

Players Bar and Grill

25 SW Century Dr.

$10 at the door

Door Number Two:

Sometimes the summer heat needs to be embraced inside a sweaty bar, dancing shoulder-to-shoulder to some grinding electro-beats. That’s what you’ll get at Astro Lounge this Thursday when the alphabet soup of SPL, VTRN, Ph3r and bPollen play one of the more interesting shows at the venue this season.

Returning to Bend for the first time since April, Portland’s SPL, who’s real name is Sam Pool, has been atop the Pacific Northwest electronic music scene for nearly a decade now. He’s also spent time traveling around the world proving that hyper bass and eerie electro interludes are an international language.

SPL isn’t the only group making the trip from Portland to Bend. Funk-pop group VTRN (vet-er-uhn), is also coming over the mountain. VTRN plans to elevate the mercury inside Astro Lounge with their R&B infused party synth. Fresh off the release of their era-bending album 2018, VTRN’s turntables seem to feel at home spinning beats inspired by just about every modern decade.

In an effort to make sure everyone who shows up Thursday night and wakes up Friday morning sore in every limb, local DJ’s Ph3r and bPollen will also be joining the Portland heavyweights. With a lineup up like that, the phrase “stay hydrated” is more a warning label than offhand advice.

SPL, VTRN, Ph3r and bPollen
10 p.m., Thursday, July 26
Astro Lounge, 939 NW Bond St. - $5


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