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Beer of the Week: 541 American Lager

A simple beer.
  • A simple beer.

Sometimes plain is just fine. Hop Valley's 541 American Lager isn't too much of any one thing—not very hoppy, not too sweet, nor overly bitter or boozy (5% ABV). So what's the appeal? Isn't it just a yellow fizzy beer, not unlike a $4.99 six pack of Rainier? Well, kind of. Expect it's not. It's a craft lager, which means semi-regional (and better) ingredients used with care. Also, local jobs. And more taste—the 541 tastes much more full and the hops are detectable (unlike that faithful can of Rainier in your fridge). Moral: Pick Rainier when buying in bulk. Choose craft lagers for casual sipping.
The Eugene brewery's beers can be found at most Bend bottle shops.

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