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TONIGHT! Outlaw Country at The Horned Hand

This is a great line:
"I ain't crossing over from no punk rock scene, I ain't no hillbilly hippie, cause real country music is all I sing."
-Johnny Outlaw and The Johnson Creek Stranglers

The Johnson Creek Stranglers are a REAL country band, as evidenced by the line above. If REAL country is your thang, go see TJCS tonight at The Horned Hand. It's $5 and starts at 8pm.

Johnny Outlaw's story, as told by

Shortly after that he moved back to Oregon he became involved with a militia type organization which led him to Nebraska and then back to Oregon running from the FBI. "At that time in my life I was strung out on cocaine and whiskey and the only thing I knew how to do was completely wrong and definitely against the law!" As life would have it Johnny was caught by the California Highway Patrol in Redding, California, in 2002, and was sentenced to thirty-three months in a federal prison at Florence Correctional Institution in Florence, Colorado, for the Use of Fire to Commit a felony . During his incarceration he dedicated every day to writing songs and playing and singing with the prison's country band. Incarceration led to turning his life around. Johnny was released in 2006, and stayed sober for nearly two years until in a weak moment he turned back to the whiskey bottle in 2008. He ended up getting a DWI/DUI in Oregon and almost wound up back in prison. Still on parole, Johnny's parole officer thought it best that he be sent to an inpatient treatment center. He saw through the facade and recognized that this young man had a lot to offer country music if he could just get straightened out and back on track. This was instrumental and a pivotal point to Johnny's life! This is where he gave up the booze, the crime, and the drugs for good. He turned his life over to his music and his new wife, Angela. Together they put Johnny back on track and moving forward in a positive direction. Now he's a man on a mission; a mission to which he is committing his life to—bringing country music to everyone he comes in contact with.

Wondering what kind of music THEY listen to?


You can here more honky tonk from the Stranglers here. We'll see y'all at the show.


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