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Letters to the Editor 05/04/2023

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Thanks to @casadfamilyfarms for tagging us in this post of this clear Central Oregon sunset. In the caption, it reads “Central Oregon is not a ‘playground’ as so many refer to it as; it is a home, a mother, a womb, a chapel, a monastery, a dojo, a place of belonging.” From the mountains to the river, there is so much beauty in our surroundings. Don’t forget to share your photos with us and tag @sourceweekly for a chance to be featured as Instagram of the week and in print as our Lightmeter. Winners receive a free print from @highdesertframeworks.

Endorsement of Cynthia Claridge for Deschutes Public Library Board

It would be hard for me to imagine an elected position that I wouldn't endorse Cynthia Claridge for. I've had the pleasure of knowing Cynthia since 1995, when I moved to Redmond to join Cascade Medical Clinic as a family physician.

I know Cynthia through social and professionally. As an elementary school teacher, she taught one of my sons. Most of us can recall the difference between teachers that treat their profession as a vocation, rather than as just a job. Cynthia's dedication to teaching children went far beyond having a job.

I'm deeply impressed by Cynthia's commitment to her community, including her four years of service on the Redmond Public Library board before her current service on the DPL board. More recently, her volunteer work with CASA, assisting children in the foster care system, has increased my admiration for her.

Co-owner of a bookstore in Redmond for eight years, Cynthia is sensitive to the needs of our community, including those of the business community.

Cynthia and I have been members of a book club for 20 years, reading hundreds of books together. Cynthia specialized in reading intervention as a teacher, owned a bookstore, reads constantly for her own pleasure, and has experience with library boards both in the past, and as an incumbent on the DPL Board. No one currently running for Cynthia's position on the Deschutes Public Library Board can match that record. Experienced, sensitive to the needs of a rapidly growing community, dedicated to staying highly informed about the changing role of libraries over time, Cynthia is poised to continue bringing her wonderful talents and dedication to the DPL Board. Vote for Cynthia Claridge.

—Daniel Murphy

Concerning new library

We are disappointed by the Source Weekly's editorial regarding the future library system in Bend. We saw the Source Weekly as a progressive advocate for reduced traffic congestion, less greenhouse gas emissions, and more vibrant walkable-bikeable neighborhoods. Instead, we read a real throwback to car-centric thinking that has gotten us in the problem space we are in today. The library board was not in sync with the more progressive vision of Bend and deserves to be challenged. That is what elected officials are for. We shouldn't be mired in the past and should instead be open to new ideas and improvements. The past is the past. What is the best way going forward?

The Robal Road site was a terrible idea and would have just increased the traffic nightmare in the mall area, especially with Costco going there. Stevens Road is a little better but will still be mired in the traffic congestion before long from Reed Market Road and the development of section 11. A central library there would threaten the heavily used East Bend library, although it doesn't need to. The East Bend library is a good example of a neighborhood branch. The present central library proposal is grandiose with plenty of opportunity to reallocate funds. Stevens Road could be a processing center and neighborhood library. We need a library system that supports neighborhoods and less traffic. Vote for candidates who offer a divergent view and support the neighborhood model.

—Robin and Irene Vora

Elect Diane Berry to COCC Board of Directors, Zone 5!

Bend is such a beautiful place to live, but many here are struggling. We're in a housing crisis, a childcare desert and an epidemic of staffing shortages. Fortunately, we have a strong institution committed to helping people overcome these challenges: Central Oregon Community College.

Much progress has already been made. The college has partnered with organizations like Thrive and NeighborImpact to help students meet basic needs and with local businesses to provide prospective employees with the skills they need to succeed.

But much remains to be done, and with three current members of the college board of directors not seeking re-election, there's a risk this progress might stall. That's why I'm running for a seat on the board.

As an attorney, social worker, small business owner, and university instructor, I'm uniquely qualified to serve on the college board. I have seen first-hand the damage caused by a lack of family supports, the inability to meet basic needs, and lack of education. Community colleges can have a significant impact in giving good people a hand up to a better job and an escape from generational poverty.

I am committed to using my experience to continue the hard work of:

  1. Reducing barriers to students so they can succeed and enrollment can grow,
  2. Partnering with our local businesses to meet anticipated workforce needs,
  3. Supporting our faculty and staff, and
  4. Improving the lives of all who call Central Oregon home.

I hope I can count on your vote.

—Diane Berry

We Deserve Food for All Oregonians

Unite Oregon is a statewide nonprofit organization that is led by immigrants, refugees, Black, Indigenous, people of color, people experiencing poverty and rural communities. Amongst our membership, food and housing continue to be a luxury, not a right. These are foundational resources needed for our community members to function and participate in society. Today's rules and guidelines are built on systems that trace back to a long history of racism and white supremacy in Oregon.

We want change. Everyone in Oregon should have access to food and other essential resources regardless of our place of birth, immigration status or other discriminatory factors. Currently, over 62,000 Oregonians are excluded from food assistance because of their immigration status. Senate Bill 610, Food for All Oregonians, embraces the solutions determined by those who have experienced hunger and poverty. It will provide families with money for groceries that match federal SNAP food assistance benefits, and ensure awareness of the program through community navigation and improved language access.

Unite Oregon members urge the Oregon Legislature to pass SB 610 because we deserve Food for All Oregonians.

—Khanh Le

Letter of the Week:

Khanh: Thanks for sharing that info. You get Letter of the Week!

—Nicole Vulcan

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