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Letters to the Editor

Sno-Park frustrations, transportation consciousness shift

Sno-Park Frustrations

Anyone who has tried to use the Dutchman sno-park this winter has been greeted with very limited parking and recreationalists with disregard for the law. The parking at Dutchman has always been difficult, but this year it is out of control. I understand that parking is on a first come basis, but it would be greatly appreciated if non-motorized users consider parking at Mount Bachelor and using the common corridor to access the Dutchman area. Snowmobilers are not allowed in Bachelor and until this last week riding from the Kapka sno-park was not an option. I please ask the Forest Service, Sheriff's Department and Mount Bachelor to enforce the rules that are in place. On any given day there are numerous vehicles without permits, illegal parking, and multiple dogs. It is ILLEGAL to have dogs in the Dutchman Sno-park and surrounding area, as well as on Mount Bachelor (this applies to you cone skiers as well). It is dangerous and irresponsible to mix dogs, skiing and snowmobiling. Regardless of how we want to enjoy the winter playground I believe we should all have to follow and respect the rules. Unless something changes you may soon see me triple parked at the Nordic Center, unloading snowmobiles, and crushing beers, while my cats sniff skiers crotches and lick their burritos.

—Evan Schwalm

In response to "The gas tax wouldn't have killed you"

Tax tax tax... it's become an epidemic. The answer is to manage the money available better! That's what most of us have to do.

—Gramma Jean, via Facebook

In response to "Scenes from the Women's March for Action," at bendsource.com

I bet there's not one of you women out there who had any rights taken away from you by President Trump. And walking around in public with a sign that says f Trump certainly appears to show your lack of self respect for yourself. I didn't see any signs about the entertainment industry and how those men degrade women. But it would appear that you all side with the entertainment industry and their hatred of Donald Trump.

—Lorraine Burnett Cimino, via Facebook

Well Lorraine Burnett Cimino...why do we have to have our rights taken away to March...we march for others' civil rights not just our own...because we care about others...something you probably don't understand...oh and please don't forget your "president" is a reality star from Hollywood...he is the entertainment industry...and you voted for him and still support this dumbass...a Hollywood realty star that used to be a Democrat is your president...let's hear about his ratings again at another important political meeting regarding our country's policies...you must be so proud.

—Rebecca Phipps, via Facebook

In response to "GUNG HO FOR SHOWS—Steve Martin is back!" at bendsource.com

The cost of this show is out of line, Les Schwab has priced themselves out of the general market for Central Oregon. The price listed on the Steep River Canyon website is $79-200 per ticket. That does not include any administrative costs tacked on.

—Julie Hudson, via Facebook

In response to "Chai It, You'll Like It"

My beef w/ local chai is that it's often too bland or sweet. perhaps that's how most like it...but i like mine spicy. love notes of pepper/cayenne, and other spices. DragonFly chai (spicy) is one of my favs.

—Steve Burkett, via Facebook

In response to "Measure 101 Passes" at bendsource.com

Love that Z21s original headline was that the margin was "narrow" in Deschutes County. An 8 point spread is not narrow. Granted, a smaller margin than that of the state, but we're clearly on the right side of this issue.

—Loren Traughber, via Facebook

Transportation consciousness shift

While roads are required for people to move freely about when and where they like is it really sustainable for all of us to use a car when we want to go somewhere? And then there is the issue of where to park that car. Roads are not only expensive to build but also to maintain; and maintaining them often causes more traffic delays... There is no one solution in solving the transportation challenges facing this area, however Bend could be a place where a shift in how we consciously approach transportation occurs. If more people could embrace the idea of simply getting more cars off the road by driving less and doing so only when absolutely necessary we could see a significant reduction of traffic congestion. This shift of priorities along with heavy investment in public transportation utilizing buses, streetcars, rail possibly, and the like, would allow for easier traffic flow and more available parking spaces—without having to build more parking lots and roads. These public transportation systems/services could also be utilized by seasonal tourists. People are not going to stop moving to Bend and/or visiting this beautiful area, and along with more people there will be more cars, but building more roads to accommodate this inevitable influx is not the answer, it is not sustainable and it will not solve the congestion problem it will only make it worse with time. 

—John Tarantino

John: Wait a sec—are you inferring that people should *gasp*... *sputter*... ride their bikes or take a bus or... lawd, my heart... WALK where they need to go? What heresy is this? O wait, you must have been encouraged by some of our editorials. But whatever you do, don't call it a war on cars!! Come grab your gift card to Palate from our downtown office—easily accessible on foot, bike or bus line. ...

— Nicole Vulcan, Editor

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