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Peace and Quiet Awaits on the Eastside

The sound waves aren't reaching the east side of Bend.

To all of those westside noise bemoaners, I have a simple proposition for you. I am willing to trade you straight across, my eastside abode for yours. I don't care about the size or condition of your house, I'm just looking to get back to the neighborhood that I was priced out of about eight years ago. I have a nice, humble home of about 1300 square feet, built in 1999.

Here is what makes this deal so sweet for you: my neighborhood is boring, dead boring. I promise you there will be no signs or sounds of anyone having fun—and not just after 10 pm, but EVER! You definitely will never have to deal with any bar-goers being responsible, yet rude, by walking and talking past your house at midnight, as nothing is within walking distance. Plus, if you have a heart attack because someone is playing live music or just in the midst of general merriment after 10 pm, the hospital is only four blocks away.

Sounds like a win-win to me. We just found ourselves on the wrong side of town.



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