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Your Budtenders' Favorite Products

THC comes in many shapes and sizes—here's an inside look at what bud lovers enjoy the most

Weed has evolved quite a bit since its earliest usage, and you can find THC in a multitude of products. You can drink it, bathe in it and basically find it in about any product of your preference. They aren't just used for fun, either. Many people are finding products to fit their specific needs—whether that be for trouble sleeping, pain management, etc.

We reached out to some local budtenders (and bud lovers) to see what products they're most excited about to have in their lives.

Your Budtenders' Favorite Products
Top Shelf Medicine

Budtender: Mylea Parker, Top Shelf Medicine
Favorite Product: Clinical Strength, Full Spectrum Cannabis Lotion from High Desert Pure

"After a motor vehicle accident in 2017, I've lived with chronic pain daily. I am lucky to have found a product that quickly relieves my pain, keeps me mobile, and clear-headed. You can find most of HDP's topical line here at TSM!"

Budtender: Adeline Gage, Dr. Jolly's
Favorite Product: Oregon Diesel Live Resin

Your Budtenders' Favorite Products
Dr. Jolly’s

Not to be biased, but my favorite products right now are all the Dr. Jolly's extracts, more specifically the Oregon Diesel Live Resin. It is an Indica dominant strain that offers a great punch of THC. Its white sugary consistency mixes the delicious terpenes of limonene and pinene, and makes for a great-tasting, heavy hitting, relaxing end of the night dab! 

Budtender: Sierra Perri, The Herb Center
Favorite Product: Soaking Salts from Oshihana

Your Budtenders' Favorite Products
The Herb Center

They give my body relief after a long day of being on my feet. Also, these products are amazing for women and people who are curious about cannabis topicals and soaks! It introduces a new side to cannabis, helping externally and making you feel good!

Bud lover: Josh Jardine, Source cannabis contributor
Recommended product: Volcano Hybrid vaporizer

Your Budtenders' Favorite Products
Coaster420, Wikimedia Commons

I own both analog and digital versions of the Volcano. The new Volcano Hybrid model has been my daily go-to. The "Hybrid" addition provides a swiveling silicone tube, aka whip, which allows you to sip your vapor— silently. It sits atop a newly modified chamber, which you still fill with ground flower or concentrates. The digital keypad allows a changing of temperature in 1-degree increments.

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