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  • Dec 18-24, 2008
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  • Editorial
  • A Cozy Little Business Get-Together

    Legal scholars have a saying that hard cases make bad law. Political scientists should have a version that says hard times make bad policies. Bend, like the rest of the country, is in the midst of some hard times and they're likely to get even harder. To help them figure out how to help the local economy, three of Bend's city councilors-elect - Jeff Eager, Tom Greene and Kathie Eckman - decided to hold a "forum" last week with local business leaders. Their motive might have been noble, but their method wasn't. To begin with, it doesn't appear that any worthwhile new ideas emerged from the 40 or so businesspersons who attended. According to news accounts, the meeting seems to have been mostly a bitch session at which the business leaders voiced standard and familiar themes: "All our problems are the fault of Big Bad Government" and "Whatever you do to help the economy, don't ask us to pay for it."
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  • Editorial
  • The Loafer Lob Heard Round the World: Bush's dodge ball skills, cooling out in Dubai, and more.

    So Shoe Me! The face that launched a thousand shoes.In a Los Angeles Times article this week, former Secret Service agent Patrick J. Lennon was quoted as saying, "Thank God, Bush apparently played a little dodge ball when he was younger." You probably know what this former agent is talking about, but if somehow you missed this, Upfront will fill you in with a one-sentence recap: Some Iraqi journalist removed both of his shoes during a press conference and tossed them at President Bush on Sunday - and this is actually a sign of severe disrespect in the Arab world. This was all during a "surprise visit" to Iraq by the president and very likely the last trek of his waning presidency to the embattled nation. The only "surprise" to be seen was the look on Bush's face as he somewhat deftly dodged each shoe toss...but this look of surprise soon melted into the same sly little smirk we've come to love to hate over the past eight years. Bush subsequently likened the shoe missles to a campaign heckler or one driver flipping off another. Oh President Bush! Not even a size 10 loafer whizzing past your temple can dampen your reckless disregard of public opinion.
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  • Letters to the Editor
  • A Familiar Ring

    I was reading the article that Eric Flowers wrote about the status of the Bend UGB. I do not think that the citizens of Bend
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Pedal to the Metal

    Yippee! Gas prices are down! Now we can all dust off our gas-guzzling pick-ups and SUVs and get 'em back on the road. We sure don't need to use any of those sissy gas-conserving driving habits either.


  • Culture Features
  • Frumpy, Fugly Fun: Ugly Christmas sweater parties - the new intentionally tacky holiday tradition

    Oh so tacky.Great aunts, grandmothers and the overzealous knitters in your family sometimes have the misguided idea that everyone should own a holiday sweater. While some are more "tasteful" in their selection process, others feel that nothing says "Happy Holidays" better than a blazing red knit creation complete with three dimensional snowmen, glitter, sewn-on ribbons and bells and, if you're lucky, some battery-operated lights. While this attempt to spread holiday cheer is typically well-meant, this nightmare apparel is about as subtle as Santa Claus beating you over the head with a sack of broken Christmas lights screaming "Merry Christmas" and about as desirable as an STD - until now that is. Holiday sweaters have a new purpose in life and are a reason for celebration with the increased popularity of ugly Christmas sweater parties. So get excited when you unwrap the latest holiday sweater from Aunt Gertie - you no longer have to fake acting thankful and now have a perfectly acceptable way to show it off and even win prizes.
  • Picks
  • Our Picks for the Week of 12/17-12/25

    The B-Foundation, Mirf the Bing friday 19 These guys rolled through in October to fill the opening slot for Slightly Stoopid and now they're back with their own headlining show and hopefully a full tank of gas. We'll let you in on that inside joke - all you have to do is flip the page and give a read to the story about the band. Oh yeah, show up early to this one and take in a set from the youthful reggae dudes of Mirf the Bing. All ages, 8pm doors, 9pm show. $10. Domino Room, 51 NW Greenwood Ave. Leif James Acoustic Set friday 19 Parrilla is holding another concert series, but unlike the summer edition, this one is thankfully indoors. This week brings Mr. Leif James and his Springsteenian voice and well-crafted acoustic folk numbers. 7pm. Parrilla Grill, 635 NW 14th St.

Food & Drink

  • Chow
  • Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

    The latest casualty on the Central Oregon dining sceneThe fallout from Bend's housing crash continues to ripple through the broader local economy, particularly the restaurant
  • Chow
  • Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

    The latest casualty on the Central Oregon dining sceneThe fallout from Bend's housing crash continues to ripple through the broader local economy, particularly the restaurant


  • Film
  • The Right Stuff: Bleak Swedish vampire tale hits all the right veins

    Oh, the sad plight of the young vampire.While it stands on its own as an atmospheric art movie, Let the Right One In could be interpreted as the ragingly popular Twilight's polar opposite - human boy meets vamp girl instead of the reverse. Adolescent love grows between pre-pubescent 12 year olds instead of hormone-frenzied 17 year olds, the plot and direction being realistic and bleak, rather than fantastical and uplifting. This movie sucks you in from the eerie opening scene: through a window an anemic-looking blonde boy Oskar (Kare Hederbrant) brandishes a knife in front of a mirror, pretending he is telling someone to "squeal like a pig." Oskar's morbid side stems from the bullying he confronts in school on a daily basis. He's a weird kid for sure, but not as weird as his neighbors. Eli (Lina Leandersson) and her "dad" (Per Ragnar), move in next door, revealing a relationship that is bizarre beyond belief. Set in a remote Swedish town, most of the action takes place in a park between an apartment complex and an elementary school.
  • Film
  • Bad Humans, No Planet: Latest in end-times Keanu melodramas a sleep-aid

    Dude, I don't need this. I was in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.If you're like me, you may have serious concerns about the Keanu Reeves/apocalyptic-star-vehicle industry. Is the stock spiking? Plunging? Should we ask Congress for a bailout? Well, with The Day the Earth Stood Still, an impossibly boring, humorless, pedestrian remake of the 1951 sci-fi classic, I am proud to inform you that industry is receiving a stimulus of sorts. Turns out crappy Keanu movies are like Detroit sedans: quality doesn't matter, as long as they sell. Reeves is back in Neo/Messiah mode, as Klaatu, an alien diplomat who travels across the cosmos with his robot, nicknamed "GORT." Klaatu takes human form in an effort to observe people, and ready Earth for his plans.


  • Sound Stories & Interviews
  • Prime Timers: Local musicians Bo Reynolds and Carl Ventis prove they have staying power

    We spend a lot of ink on the up-and-coming local musicians, sometimes forgetting about the legions of older, more experienced musicians. Bo Reynolds and Carl Ventis are two older and wiser artists that have just released new albums. Both have been on the scene for a while. Both have released albums for one simple reason: the love of music. So while they may not be contenders for Teen Choice Awards anytime soon, they have managed to produce albums that showcase their musical knowledge and dedication. 
  • Sound Stories & Interviews
  • Running (or not) On Empty: The B Foundation provides some roadside assistance

    This is a little more serious than the out-of-gas scenario.The B Foundation has AAA. And this is a damn good thing because the Los Angeles-based surf rock band has run out of gas and found itself stranded on the side of the road somewhere outside of Pueblo, Colo. This is unfortunate, but bassist Jason Moorehead, leaning up against the band's 24-foot RV, says it's not a big deal. In fact this is the second (and almost the third) time the band has run out of gas in the last year. Rather than hoof it the two miles to the nearest gas station, purchase gas and a can in which to carry it before carrying said gas back another two mile back to the RV, Moorehead and company are waiting it out and the bassist uses the time to relay over the phone some details about his band and the nine months they spent on the road this year. During this trek the band opened a string of shows for Sublime descendents Slightly Stoopid, including a packed show at the Midtown Ballroom on a strangely snowy October night.


  • Outside Features
  • Finally!: The snow is here, so start making plans

    PHEW! Let It Snow!Patience is a virtue. Not one of mine, but sometimes you have no choice. As Tom Petty used to croon, "The waiting is the hardest part." We can all breathe a sigh of relief now that the long wait is over. A beautiful full moon snowstorm finally blew in last Friday night, dumping 23 inches of fresh powder on Mt. Bachelor over the weekend. Both the alpine and nordic areas opened Sunday on a limited basis. On the downhill side, the Pine Marten and Sunshine lifts went into action, while the upper trails and Woody's were groomed on the X-C side. With frigid single digit temperatures and more storms predicted for the remainder of the week, it looks like winter is here to stay. Kind of like a new boyfriend who turns out to be a couch surfer, just remember how much you wanted it when it's still lingering around come May.


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