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A Sunset-Worthy Beer Collaboration

Worthy joins forces with Brasada to deliver a beer with a cause

If you've ever been witness to a blazing sunset peeking over the Cascades at Brasada Ranch, you can understand why the brewmasters at Worthy Brewing decided to bottle up that feeling. With its private label Brasada Sunset Pale Ale, available only at the Ranch House Restaurant at Brasada Ranch, Worthy's brewing team captures the essence of summertime and relaxing views in 12-ounce form.

A Sunset-Worthy Beer Collaboration
Nancy Patterson
Sunset Pale Ale tastes like summertime, from sunrise until sunset.

"We wanted to create a beer that pairs with the outdoor activities we all enjoy doing," says Brasada's Executive Chef Doug McFarland.

The beer itself is not particularly hoppy, offering a lighter, fruitier finish than most traditional pale ales. With notes of mango and grapefruit, it's a companion for Brasada's many summertime activities. Not only does the beer fare exceptionally well recreationally, it complements several of Chef McFarland's culinary creations.

"The beer pairs well with our Ranch House favorites like nachos and mac 'n cheese," he says. And does it ever.

Should you not be in the mood for pub fare, the lightly fruity pale ale can be paired with some of the finer dishes McFarland offers at the ranch's daily restaurant, including the pan-seared salmon served with fingerling potatoes and roasted bell pepper remoulade. The salmon isn't a staple on the menu, but appears often as a special. McFarland also recommends enjoying the beer alongside a grilled steak or seared steelhead. Personally, I can't suggest enough sharing the shrimp fritters alongside a cold Brasada Sunset Pale (the chipotle dipping sauce may cause spontaneous happy-dancing).

Worthy Brewing and Brasada Ranch share more than just a love for tasty beer; they also possess a mutual commitment to supporting local community and fostering sustainability in business.

A Sunset-Worthy Beer Collaboration
Nancy Patterson
Sunset Pale Ale pairs exceptionally well with Brasada’s shrimp fritters, in this writer’s humble opinion.

"They are key players in Bend's burgeoning craft beer scene, so a collaboration with them was a natural fit," explains Brasada's Marketing Vice President Chris Callahan. "We wanted to make an impact with this beer."

Together, Worthy and Brasada will make a donation to the High Desert Food & Farm Alliance for each can of Brasada Sunset Pale Ale sold at the ranch.

"We value and support HDFFA's efforts to foster a healthy and thriving local food and farm network through education, collaboration and inclusivity," says Callahan. "We're excited to introduce Brasada Sunset Pale to visitors and locals as a perfect companion to their summer activities," he continues.

Brasada Sunset Pale Ale is available on tap in the Ranch House restaurant and can also be purchased by the can and enjoyed across the 1,800-acre Brasada Ranch.

Nancy runs Eat Drink Bend, which features cocktails and plates from local eateries, along with scouting restaurants, breweries and wineries to share stories from locally owned Central Oregon establishments. See her work at eatdrinkbend.com

Brasada Ranch
16976 SW Brasada Ranch Rd, Powell Butte

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