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Little Bites: Make Lunch Great Again

I hate to break it to you, but summer is almost over. School is starting back up, the laid-back-casual mentality is coming to a close, and the busy-busy mode is now the only gear you've got. It's common for things to fall out of rhythm; laundry becomes a distant memory that you now consider a lavender-scented luxury, and eating...can a human be sustained by a mix of desk-stashable foods? Let's not find out. With that in mind, here are a couple of not-so-obvious quick lunch ideas for the months ahead.

A Broken Angel

This vegan food cart has much to offer, except for meat, which is actually totally fine. It's healthy, it's quick and it's right downtown. These meals will fill you up without making you sluggish. Hmmm, a plate full of vegetables. Who'd a thunk? Try the Biscuits and Wild Mushroom Gravy and you'll thank me later...did I mention it's only $5? Tues-Sat 8:30am-3:30pm. 643 NW Colorado Ave., Bend.

Mazza Bistro

I didn't know if I wanted to include this one, mostly because I'm selfish like that. However, my need to brag triumphed over secrecy. If you're looking for something to mix up your week, this bistro offers Mediterranean dishes that will have you drooling and coming back. Get the falafel wrap for $7.95 and pick one up for me as well. Mon-Thurs, 11am-8pm open until 9pm Fri. & Sat. 806 NW Brooks St., Bend.

Taj Palace

There is nothing quicker than walking into a spot where the food is already made, filling up and walking back out. That is the magic of a buffet. I'm going to recommend, however that the only people who dine here are the ones with self-control or total self-loathing. It's easy to overeat when your meal is endless for $9.95. Lunch buffet open everyday 11am-2:30pm. 917 NW Wall St., Bend.

Market of Choice

The name of the business is pretty on point, because they do have a lot to choose from. There are ready-made items such as soups, sushi, pizza, deli items and a hot food bar (that changes monthly) to pick from, but they also have built-to-order sandwiches, burgers and burritos. The prices vary on each item, but on average you're looking to spend about $8 per item. Open daily from 7am-11pm. 115 NW Sisemore St., Bend.

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