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Doors of Equality Swing Both Ways

I had to respond to "What's Wrong with Siri," (News, 1-4) since Apple's Siri isn't the problem.

Three hours before I read, "What's wrong with Siri," I went to a store in town and complimented the cashier that this was the nicest "dollar" store I had ever been in. Her response was that there were "mostly GIRLS that work here", and something like organizing is too much for their three BOY employees.

She was a grown up, not a teen. It reminded me of my recent experience as a male nurse. As a budding new-grad, I knew nurses eat their young, but they eat the males for breakfast, and snack on the bones for lunch.

I'm an equalist and want to express that the problem isn't Siri, It's the world that's "effed" up.

The people make the world what it is, and if there were more equalists, well, then, Siri wouldn't have to spell it out.

- Nunya

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