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Letters to the Editor 11/11/21

Rodgers & Rogan, United States history condensed and more...

Editor's note:

Letters to the Editor 11/11/21
The John Day Fossil Beds boast breathtaking views and interesting history to curious explorers. This post from @luna-exploregoncaptured these two furry visitors in a blissful state at the National Monument site! Share your photos with us and tag us @sourceweekly for a chance to be featured here and as the Instagram of the week in the Cascades Reader. Winners get a free print from @highdesertrameworks!
Americans donated more than $471 billion to charities and nonprofits in 2020—up 5.1% from the year before, according to the personal finance site WalletHub. This week, the site also noted the top states for giving, with Oregon ranking as the fourth-most charitable state in the nation, coming in behind Utah (#1), Maryland (#2) and Minnesota (#3).

That charitable spirit is on full display during this time of year, when we here at the Source Weekly—along with 80+ local and regional nonprofits—launch our annual Give Guide, which you'll find inside this week's issue. You'll have plenty of opportunities to read about how the program works and how readers can take part (and get cool perks) in the pages to follow. Meanwhile, our editorial team has met with a few of the participating nonprofits to bring you stories about the day-to-day challenges and triumphs of working in their areas of focus during this difficult pandemic era.

From our sales team to our news team to our founders, every member of the Source team has worked hard to make this a giving program that's fun, easy to use and, perhaps most importantly, helps the hardworking nonprofits of Central Oregon get the word out about what they do. Thanks for reading, and for those who are able, thanks for giving!w

Rodgers & Rogan are Jabronis

Aaron Rodgers lied saying he's "immunized." Giving COVID to his teammates, what a guy! The Green Bay Packers quarterback is a nut. Aaron Rodgers should most definitely be cut. Even Jake from State Farm can't fix this one, Because Mr. Rodgers is just way too dumb. Jeopardy thought he'd make a good host? Are you kidding? Bless Alex Trebek's ghost! It's time to give Jordan Love his shot as QB.

But Green Bay is a racist town. That's reality. Packers should have traded Aaron Rodgers before this season for a few first round picks. Now Green Bay gets nothing. Stupid hicks! There's only 100,000 people there anyway. Move that NFL franchise to Milwaukee today! Aaron Rodgers has made himself into a tool Of covidiots, like that dumb Joe Rogan fool.

Eat your horse paste, Aaron, like Rogan says. Vaccination is a conspiracy says the internet. Aaron takes medical advice from UFC guy? On Joe Rogan's podcast, he's always high! As former host of Fear Factor & a comedian, Medical expertise isn't your thing, Mr. Rogan. Obviously, Aaron Rodgers has brain damage. Too many hits to the head has had an effect. Forget it. Send this cheesehead to the Jets! Like Brett Favre, Rodgers' time to go is here. No cancellation necessary - his end is near.

—Jake Pickering

United States History Condensed

First there was genocide proudly perpetrated by white supremacist invaders.

Then there was slavery proudly enacted by white supremacists who celebrated racism as their foundation for governance.

Simultaneously with genocide and slavery was the creation of corporate capitalism by white supremacists.

The Constitution and Bill of Rights created by white supremacists flirted briefly with the idea of democracy.

Racism and corporate capitalism were permanently entwined by white racists to destroy democracy.

Democracy was killed by white supremacists and replaced by fascism.

Fascism now reigns supreme in the land with white supremacists in control.

Fascism, a system where democratic institutions are destroyed and people are subjected to the steel belted boots of white supremacists on their necks.

—Sue Bastian

RE: Staying the Course News, 11/4

What does that mean to the houses already newly constructed and under construction and to the homes that are affected by those? Is Pahlisch giving up total control of the development, where/when does it stop?

Thanks for a great article Jack, and yes, Pahlisch says "affordable" but look at Petrosa for example, starting at the high $400's (half a million dollars) that's not really affordable ...!!

—Jane Loveday

The success of Jeff Kramer/Save Rivers Edge Golf Course and the HOA not only indicates that promises made are promises meant to be kept, but also has a beneficial corollary effect.  It is not just golf course but an open green space that helps preserve wildlife and vegetation, provides a fire break, contributes to carbon capture and clean air. By not building a medley of housing that will not be affordable to the common citizen it will reduce the contribution of pollution to the atmosphere, not contribute more traffic through a forested area, not displace more wildlife and not contribute to the clear cutting of Bend. Bend is like a beach town; the more demand the less supply. Building new housing will not divert newcomers from wanting existing housing in existing and attractive neighborhoods. Any supply attracts more demand, so it is an endless and sometimes vicious cycle. Yes, everybody deserves a place to live in a positive environment, but devouring all the open green spaces, no matter what they are, may not be the housing answer. Open green space contributes to that positive environment.  Don't lose it to a myth.

—Joselyn Houk

Letter of the Week:

Joselyn – Definitely a side of the story that hasn't been discussed too much. Thanks for your perspective and come on by for your gift card to Palate!

—Nicole Vulcan

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