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The Other Half of the Yoga Equation

The Source Issue 45 (Nov. 10) contained wonderful information about the forms of yoga offered in our vicinity. Most of the information covered pertained to the socially enjoyable forms of yoga enjoyed by the folks who use yoga mats and bendy posturing as they concentrate on improving their blissful breathing techniques. These physical forms of yoga are the beautiful compliments to the mental, mindful and meditative forms of yoga that balance the larger yoga (yogic) equation.

Yoga is basically a non-denominational practice aimed at balancing the physical (body) existence with the meta-physical (mind) reality. The ensuing mind-body balance creates the union required for an increased "understanding" (consciousness) of the "living experience."

As we enjoy the physical forms of yoga, we begin to enjoy more mental relaxation, as well. This mental relaxation leads us naturally to a more meditative mindset. As our bodies and breathing techniques become more flexible, so too our minds become more flexible and adaptive.

As our minds become more adaptive, their limitations seem less restrictive than our physical ones. Realizing the ever-increasing capacity of our minds, our consciousness expands to its new demands.

Soon, realizing the true infinite capacity of the mind leads to an infinite consciousness reality. This also helps us realize that the mind and body are working in harmony together for a combined purpose. This purpose is aimed at raising our consciousness. What we may have thought were separate situations are actually integral components, which define one greater reality.

This "union" that all humans are capable of realizing is part of the reason we exist.

Various forms of meditative/contemplative yoga are available to assist in the balance of a greater yoga practice. Perhaps, your current yoga instructor will be able to point you in this direction as you roll up your mat between group sessions. If not, go online and prepare to amaze yourself.

The mental branches, or limbs, of yoga, although less commercially oriented, are the necessary compliments to a total yoga/union experience and understanding. It can also be the freest experience (economically) while you liberate your consciousness to the infinite realm!


- Sri Edvardo, Bend

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