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Letter of the Week: Wars For Jobs

This week's letter comes from Sue Bastian who, with more than just a hint of sarcasm, points out that war may just be the answer to our economic woes, if not our foreign policy woes. Thanks for the letter Sue. You can pick up your victor's spoils, a bag of Strictly Organic coffee, at our office, 704 NW Georgia.

30,000 additional soldiers bumps the total to 100,000-plus U.S. jobs to establish a democratic police state in Afghanistan.

Jobs in the privatized military with companies such as Halliburton will be needed to supply food, transport and security as soldiers destroy infrastructure, schools and hospitals which will then need to be repaired and replaced. Jobs in the oil industry will be needed to drill, process and transport gazillion gallons of fuel to move soldiers hither and yon. Jobs for mercenaries such as Blackwater USA will need hired guns in the privatized war effort.

The military industrial complex will need more workers to produce chemicals, weapons of mass destruction, nuclear weapons and equipment to achieve acceptable levels of destruction. Specialists with extensive experience in computer war games will be needed in the rapidly expanding unmanned drone project.

Gifted experts will be needed to determine when the number of US soldiers reaches a one-to-one ratio with members of the Taliban. Experts will also be needed to locate Osama bin Ladin. Embedded journalists will be needed to enlighten the public on military achievements and the media will need to hire academics and retired military to espouse the necessity and righteousness of war.

Jobs for health care workers will expand exponentially as wounded, disabled and mentally disturbed soldiers return to homes, homelessness or privatized military hospitals. Big Pharma will need to increase the number of research scientists and workers to develop, manufacture and distribute drugs, medicine and prosthetic devices for veterans. Financial institutions will need more banksters to accelerate the distribution of stimulus money to corporations so they can maximize profits from their patriotic war efforts. Significant numbers of police, mercenaries and Homeland Security personnel will be needed in the homeland to squelch protestors who oppose aggressive war policies and practices.

Intellectuals and political experts will be needed to research the success of the mission to identify the mission. Visionaries will be needed after the destruction of Afghanistan to plan and justify preemptive attacks on Israel, Pakistan, North Korea, India and Iran for their nuclear weapons programs.

Perpetual war for job creation. It's all about jobs.

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