Cocktails and Mocktails Guide 2023 [With Video ▶] | The Source Weekly - Bend, Oregon

Cocktails and Mocktails Guide 2023 [With Video ▶]

Central Oregon's places to imbibe, relax and dig the vibe

Cocktails and Mocktails Guide 2023 [With Video ▶]

However you say “Cheers,” we’re giving you plenty to toast inside this
Cocktails and Mocktails guide, powered by the Source Weekly.


In addition to browsing the listings for a host of local haunts, inside this guide you’ll find a focus on the boozy and not-so-boozy side of imbibing in Central Oregon. In our “Zero Proof” feature, we’re showcasing some of the mocktails found at places offering actual mocktail menus – not just sodas or kombuchas – in Central Oregon. In our “Generations” story, we set our ace team of drinkers across generations to sample some of the goods around Bend. Plus, amazing photographer and drinks expert Alyson Brown offers some ideas for making simple cocktails and mocktails at home.


Whether your winter drinking schedule involves zero-proof or high-proof
beverages, we say cheers to you!


—The Source Drinking Team

Read the individual stories here:

Generations: A Cocktail Tour: A Boomer, Gen Xer, Millennial and Gen Zer walk into a bar (or four) and sample the goods

Move Over NA Beer - Hop Water is So Worthy

Three-Ingredient Cocktails: Approachable cocktails for the home mixologist - with a booze-free option, too!

You Have Zero Proof: More bars are offering not just NA drinks, but full mocktail menus. Here are a few highlights from local places.

Best of Drinks: Source Weekly readers know what's up. These are the drink, bars and bartenders voted "Best"

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